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Reconcile bank statements, prepare and make bank deposits, and maintain organization of bank records.

Personalized Reports

Prepare easy to understand financial reports such as budget and spending comparison reports and financial account balance summaries.

Small Business Bookkeeping

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Your helping hand with small business and personal financial matters

Articles about Daily Money Management


Act as intermediary with legal, tax and investment professionals.

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) provides assistance to people who have difficulty managing their personal or business finances and paperwork. Typically, a DMM visits a client’s home or business periodically to provide daily money management services.  A DMM will assist with phone calls to payees, prepare checks for the client to sign, monitor expenses, balance the checkbook and reconcile their accounts, make sure tax returns are filed, and collaborates with other professionals.

Daily Money Management - an Overview


File all financial documents such as paid invoices and statements, organize tax documents and related paperwork for tax preparer, and document digital assets.

Bill Paying 

Open and sort mail.  Review bills for accuracy and process them for payment and signature by client.  Create electronic records of disbursements and receipts.  Resolve billing discrepancies and watch for potential fraud or identity theft.

Insurance issues 

Reconcile health and prescription bills with insurance claims and resolve incorrect charges.  Review Long Term Care policy status.  Review and assist with commercial auto, business liability and workers comp. policy issues.